Covenant Houston Podcast A weekly Podcast of our Sunday morning proclamations, scripture readings, and more. #TheseAreOurSacredStories

On this first Sunday of Advent, December 2, we read the following scripture lessons: Matthew 1:1-16, Genesis 38:24-30, and Joshua 2:1-15. Rev. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation. The choir sang "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee" by J. S. Bach.

You can read more about our Advent series on our website.


March 6, 2018  

This Sunday, March 4, we reflected on Wednesday of Holy Week. The Covenant Choir sang "Os Justi" by Anton Bruckner. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation. Our scripture lesson was Mark 14:1-11.




February 6, 2018  

The Scripture lesson for Sunday, February 4, was John 4:1-34.

Our choir sang "O Come, Ye Who Are Thirsty" by J. S. Bach, arranged by Hal Hopson.

Laura Mayo gave the proclamation.



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