Covenant Houston Podcast A weekly Podcast of our Sunday morning proclamations, scripture readings, and more. #TheseAreOurSacredStories

September 1, 2020  

The scripture reading for Sunday, August 30, was Exodus 1:8-2:10. Rev. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation.



December 30, 2019  

The scripture reading for this Sunday, December 29, was Luke 2:1-21. The duet was “Gesu Bambino” by Pietro Yon. The four proclaimers are members of Covenant.



December 2, 2019  

The scripture reading for this first Sunday of Advent, December 1, was Matthew 24:36-44. The horn and piano piece was "Nocturno" by Franz Stauss. Rev. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation. 


November 18, 2019  

Our scripture reading this Sunday, November 17, was Jeremiah 29:11. Michelle Shonbeck, the Executive Director of Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) was our guest proclaimer. 



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