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December 27, 2017  

The scripture reading for Christmas Eve morning was Luke 2:1-20. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation.

The Covenant Choir sang “As It Fell Upon a Night” by Katherine K. Davis. 



December 18, 2017  

The scripture lesson for this Sunday, December 17, 2017 was Luke 1:67-79. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation. The choir sang "Glory be to God" by Sergei Rachmaninoff.



December 11, 2017  

The scripture lesson from Sunday, December 10, was Luke 1:46-56. Rev. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation Mary Sings.

A string quartet played "Three Carols" by Carole Neuen-Rabinowitz. The Covenant Choir sang "Magnificat” by Herbert Murrill.


On the day of advent hope, we celebrated the groundbreaking of our new building and a beautiful day for our choir to sing outside.

November 28, 2017  

The scripture reading for Sunday, November 26, was Matthew 25:31-46. The choir sang "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” arranged by Paul B. Boehnke. Rev. Laura Mayo was the proclaimer.



November 13, 2017  

The 26 votive candles in this photo of the church window represent those whose lives were taken in a Baptist church in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The red candles represent the thousands who are murdered by gun violence each year in the US.

Rev. Mayo's proclamation from Sunday, November 12, 2017 is preceded by the scripture lesson, Isaiah 2:2-4, and the pastoral prayer. The final piece of the recording is the choir singing "Thou Shalt Know Him" by an anonymous author.



This beautiful Requiem, sung by the Covenant Choir, covered two worship services but is presented in its entirety here. The scripture lesson for this Sunday, November 5, included Isaiah 54:10 and Hebrews 12:1-2. 

The first service contained the first three movements, Requiem (0:56)*, Out of the Deep (7:15), and Pie Jesu (13:47). Susan Wegner on the cello joined the choir in Out of the Deep.

The last four movements were heard at the later service: Sanctus (18:05), Agnus Dei (20:20), The Lord Is My Shepherd (27:00), and Lux Aeterna (32:40). Guest oboist, Liz Hebert, joined the choir on The Lord Is My Shepherd. 

The soprano soloist at both services was Casey Okabayashi.

Rev. Laura Mayo gave the prayer at the end of this recording.


*starting positions of each portion of Requiem

October 2, 2017  

On this World Communion Sunday, our Scripture reading was Romans 13:8-12. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation and the Covenant Choir sang "New Alien Tongues" by David Wehr. 

Links to our worship resources for Octobrer 1 are on our website



May 23, 2017  

The scripture reading for this sixth Sunday of Eastertide was John 21:4-17. The choir sang ​“Give Us Love” by Jane Marshall. 


May 15, 2017  

I “Kyrie eleison”

II “Gloria”

III “Sanctus”

IV “Benedictus”

V “Agnus Dei”

Our scripture reading was Psalm 100.

#TheseAreOurSacredStories #ThisisOurSacredMusic


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