Covenant Houston Podcast A weekly Podcast of our Sunday morning proclamations, scripture readings, and more. #TheseAreOurSacredStories

October 10, 2017  

This recording from Sunday, October 8 includes:

1) a string trio playing "Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring" by J. S. Bach,

2) a reading of the scripture lesson Matthew 12:46-49,

3) the Covenant choir singing "Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring" by J. S. Bach, and

4) the proclamation of what Covenant family is, given by 10 members of our congregation. 



September 6, 2017  

The scripture reading for this Sunday was Luke 24:13-35.

A member of our Youth Group was the pianist for the music by J. S. Bach.

Rev. Laura Mayo gave the proclamation.

"Resurrection happens, when we welcome, when we help, when Easter’s invitation finagles a foothold of in-breaking welcome, assistance, acceptance. When the ordinary is infused with the holy, every gesture of hospitality is an expression of the sacred."



June 12, 2017  

This Sunday as we moved to ordinary time we celebrated Trinity Sunday. The trinity might seem like an ordinary idea now but it took centuries for the idea as we know it to take hold. We will consider language we use for God. The scripture reading is Matthew 28:16-20. 

Before the proclamation you will hear our musical offering Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major. This performed by a 6 person string group made up of members and friends of Covenant.



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